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Transition / Succession Planning

"How does a business owner take chips off the table?"

You've worked tirelessly for numerous years, built an incredible company, and now you're ready for the next adventure. What are your goals? Do you wish to sell your business to a competitor? Maybe you have children involved in the business and you'd like to give them the opportunity to continue in your footsteps. What ever the goal is, we have the experience and the team to provide you with multiple options to achieve a successful transition.

Selling to a competitor

60% of the value you've created

When deciding whether to sell to a competitor, a business owner must consider alternatives. Many businesses that are sold to competitors provide the business owner with no more than 60% of the value they have created over the years. The reason for this is that what is being sold, typically, is the existing workforce and the customer list. There is very little consideration given to the "Blue Sky" value in the business. 


We take the time to outline the different opportunities for success, including how to sell to a competitor for the maximum value available. Should you choose this path, we will help you lock down your workforce, increase the value in your customer list, and represent you to the competitor. We act as your advocate, increasing the value of your business. 

Transitioning Ownership

Family members or an existing management team

To achieve a higher sale value, transitioning the business ownership to family members or an existing management team is advised. When there is trust, understanding of the value, and a desire to continue the business - the odds of success dramatically increase. Most of our clients that choose this process end up with closer to 90% of the value created in the business being transferred out of the business. 

We will help you evaluate the ability of the family members or management team to own the business and continue to run it. Part of this process includes removing the business owner from the existing responsibilities and covenants. Ensuring that the business can succeed even when you are not there is paramount. 


Legacy Planning

Creating a Ford model 

Once you have created a successful business, it is hard to do again. Many second and third generations will never recreate what you have. 

The Ford Family model is a great example of a way to create a management team while maintaining ownership of the business within the family. Our team can assist you in understanding this model, the pros and cons of it, and whether it is feasible. 

If you could create a dividend that your family would enjoy for generations to come, would you do it? 

Transition Planning: Services
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